Goodnight Barn Invitational Art Show
Hoag Gallery | January 19 - March 10, 2019 

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6th Annual Dinner

 REMEMBER THE FUN TIME WE HAD LAST YEAR? At our Barn meeting last night, we set the date and time for the 6TH ANNUAL GOODNIGHT BARN FUNDRAISER AND DINNER! Save the date and mark your calendars for Sunday, October 21st from 3 to 6 pm at the Historic Union Depot. More details are forthcoming, but this is a good date, so save it! Remember we always set out dinners on a Sunday when the Broncos are NOT playing. There will be updates as information comes in. Stay tuned!

Happening for the Goodnight Barn Preservation Committee

Here are some things that have been going on behind the scenes for the Goodnight Barn Preservation Committee:

1. Ongoing presentations of our Goodnight Barn PowerPoint.  Future presentations include Trinidad Historical Museum and La Veta/Apishipa Historical Society.

2. I had a lengthy meeting with Steve Nawrocki on his mayoral aspirations.  I wanted to know where he stood on tourism and the historical structures in Pueblo.  I hope to have discussions with the other candidates to see how they compare.  I will not actually endorse anyone on this FB page, but do want to know what our mayoral candidates will do for us in the future.

3. Bill Zwick and I completed a video with Clear Image Video for a video to be shown at the Dana Crawford Awards on Wednesday, May 9th in Denver.  As you know the Barn is receiving the Endangered Places Progress Award!

4. Several committee members met with County Commissioner Terry Hart to update him on our progress and he maintains a positive attitude for helping us in the future