GNB reached their first goal of fundraising

The Goodnight Barn Historic Preservation Committee and the City of Pueblo have reached our first goal of fundraising for the restoration of the Barn!  The bid was won by Houston Construction and its subcontractor Block By Block.  Bill Granda owns this company and has been doing stone restoration around the state for 40 years. His company just finished the restorations of the Walsenburg County Courthouse.
The contractor has one year to finish the work, but at the rate Bill is going, it won't be that long.  The site is off limits to the public, but can be viewed from the highway pull out and you can follow the pictures that are being posted on our Facebook page at
Next year the annual Barn Dinner will be back (hopefully at the Barn!) and we will continue fundraising for the site plan.
Thank you to all who have contributed, followed and cheered us along. It has been nearly 6 years of work to bring us to this point!