We are excited to announce that the Barn Committee hosted a tour and presentation of the Barn in November 2019 for the American Chuck Wagon Association based out of Texas.  This is the number one chuck wagon group in the U.S.  They suggested collaboration with our group to hold chuck wagon cookoffs at the Barn in the future.  This will be a yearly event and we hope to get this going in 2022. 

Bill Granda of Block by Block, LLC, began restoration work on the Barn on August 5, 2019 and the work was completed in August 2020 as promised.  The work was excellent and we are forever grateful to Houston Construction (main contractor), Bill Granda, Adams Electric, Total Terrain, Straight Line Construction, and so many more sub-contractors for their work.  The Barn group gathered in front of the Barn during one of our trips to the Barn to check on status.


In November, Colorado Preservation, Inc. held a meeting for Endangered Places at that Barn.  This was an excellent opportunity to have a ribbon cutting.  We invited a small group of local governmental people, the Chamber of Commerce and dignitaries to join us. 

Earlier this month (February) the Saving Places Conference by Colorado Preservation, Inc was held virtually.  One of the presentations was by Jessica Reske (architect), Ian Glaser (Engineer) and Laurel Campbell, President of the Barn Committee.  It was well-received.  Lots of interest in how the restoration was done, start to finish.

I wanted to make our followers aware of the new Goodnight-Loving Trail that has been installed at the Pueblo Riverwalk. The Barn Committee was not consulted on the project, and there are some slight discrepancies in the history, but it is a great addition to our beautiful Riverwalk.

The next steps for the Barn will be installing security and warning signs around the property.  With summer coming up, we want to make sure that people know that the Barn is not open yet and that, since it is an historical property, we request that people respect the Barn by not coming on the property until we are ready to open.  There have been some occurrences of people climbing the stone walls.  The City still owns the Barn and we are working with them to create a Management Agreement to protect both parties.

It is possible to set up a tour of the Barn if you are from out of town or have a group interested in Western History.  There will be a fee.  You can call Laurel at 719.250.9435 for more information.