The Goodnight Barn Stakeholders met

The Goodnight Barn Stakeholders met Wednesday, June 5, 2015

The Goodnight Barn Stakeholders met last Wednesday. We learned that a Request for Qualifications has gone out to any companies who have the skill and experience to begin the stabilization of the Barn. Once those come back, the City will choose who to send a Request for Proposal (bid) to and from there they will choose the company. Government and State Historic Fund Grants wheels move slowly, but I was assured that the work will be though before our chuckwagon dinner in September. This is just a short fix. The major work will start as soon as we get the funds from more grants. We will be seeking more State Historic Fund money in October. We will also be looking toward private donors. We will need to cash match approximately $66,000. Sounds like a lot, but I know we can do it! This will be for the repair of masonry and the interior of the Barn. Have faith Barn lovers!

August 4, 2015.  We just learned from the City that the Requests for Proposals have gone out to the contractors who made the grade for the small grant we received.  The work won't begin until at least September and most likely will be going on during our chuckwagon dinner event.  I was at first worried about this, but I have been assured that the contractor and his equipment will not be in our way AND attendees will be able to see the work being done.  Maybe its a GOOD thing.