We are proud to state that the critical stabilization phase has been completed!

This week, Arc Valley Construction Company completed the stabilization that was so critically needed on the Goodnight Barn.  I doubt there is one person who drives by the Barn that doesn't do a double take!  If you haven't seen the result, you really need to drive by.  The first of the year we will be financing the Construction Documents needed to proceed with the rest of the restoration.  The Committee has most of the funds for this stage which will cost $37,000.00.  With a little help from PCHS, possibly the City and our kind donors, we will be able to request the $200,000.00 State Historic Grant in April that will get us on the road to the next phase which is the restoration of the Barn's exterior.  Should you wish to donate to our cause, please go to the "Donate" tab on the Home page and press the PayPal button.